Hearing Protectors Elacin ER Hearsafe
Elacin ER
Hearing Protectors Elacin ER Hearsafe
Elacin ER

Hearing Protectors Elacin ER Hearsafe

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Custom hearing protectors. Elation ER 9/ 15/ 25 It is the hearing protector with the "most linear" attenuation on the market.

In the price we only include a couple of filters that you can choose from, the other replacement filters can be purchased separately.

Nearly linear attenuation maximum comfort

Virtually indefinite duration:

  • 9db
  • 15db
  • 25 dB filters

Aesthetically discreet Customizing your ER and/or choosing a color adds cost to the product.

Please check the price to see what you are selecting.

Personalization: + €10

Colour: + €15


Product customization

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  • optional 250 char. max


Hearsafe custom made hearing protectors provide all day wearing comfort as they are made from a highly flexible material. The elaboration of the adapters is done manually from a custom impression of the user's ears.

The filter fits into the adapter and can be easily changed, depending on the needs of the user. In less noisy environments, the E9 filter can be used, with which annoying background noises such as street noise or computer noise can be suppressed. In the application for musicians, the E9 is very well received, especially with softer sounding instruments, not electronically amplified, and for female singers. In noisier situations, the E15 filter is the ideal solution, and when we talk about sound levels of a rock concert, the E25 is the best option, despite the fact that its attenuation curve does not quite reach the linearity of the E15 . Changing from one filter to another can be easily done by the user in a few seconds.


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