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Complete Filters HS ER Hearsafe

Hearsafe brand HS ER interchangeable filters are compatible with any model of that brand. 1 pair
In Ear to measure HS-1 Pro Flex of the Hearsafe brand. Centered in-ear monitor with 1-way technology. Features slightly shallow treble as well as powerful direct sound with warm accents. Features: Driver: 1 driver, 1-way system Frequency: 40Hz-16kHz Sensitivity: 105dB at 1mW Plug: 3.5mm mini-jack Impedance: 38 Ohm Cable length: 140cm Delivery 15 to 30...
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Filters HS ER-Dynamic ISL/DEC Hearsafe

The interchangeable filters HS ER Dynamic ISL/DEC of the Hearsafe brand are compatible with any model of that brand. 1 pair
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Headphone Cable Mono S-HS Hearsafe

The Hearsafe brand S-HS series mono mode headphone cable is perfect for compatible products of the same brand.
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Headphone Cable S-HS stereo Hearsafe

The Hearsafe stereo S-HS series headphone cable is the perfect complement to the products in this series.
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Hearing protector Kids Hearsafe

Hearsafe helmet-style hearing protectors are a standard model that fits boys and girls to protect them from loud noise environments.
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Hearing Protectors Elacin ER Hearsafe

Custom hearing protectors. Elation ER 9/ 15/ 25 It is the hearing protector with the "most linear" attenuation on the market. In the price we only include a couple of filters that you can choose from, the other replacement filters can be purchased separately. Nearly linear attenuation maximum comfort Virtually indefinite duration: 9db 15db 25 dB...
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Hearing Protectors Hearsafe

Hearing protectors are a standard model of the Hearsafe brand, it is a very comfortable product for any type of activity since they have a tape to hang the devices and not lose them. Color: Orange
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