Accesorios Hearsafe

Accesorios Hearsafe

Hearsafety Sound Level Indicator

With the Hearsafe sound level indicator you can enjoy a remote control to make the use of your brand monitors more comfortable.
Accesorios Hearsafe

Spray Audiclean Hearsafe

This Hearsafe Audiclean cleaning spray is perfect for deep cleaning.
Accesorios Hearsafe

Hearsafe Cleaning Brush

The Hearsafe cleaning brush is an extremely dynamic product for cleaning any compatible product.
Elacin plug ER Elacin plug ER 2
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Accesorios Hearsafe

Elacin plug ER

Hearsafe brand Elacin ER cap.
Accesorios Hearsafe

Mini case Hearsafe

This case is small, soft and suitable which makes it extremely comfortable to take anywhere as places for concerts, trips and tours. Material: Neoprene Diameter: 7.5 cm
Accesorios Hearsafe

Transport Box Heavy Duty Hearsafe

This carrying case is IP67 certified, making it water*, dust and shock resistant. It is prepared to use it in the toughest conditions: on tours, performances or trips. It has an automatic pressure compensation valve that reacts to pressure changes. It features two layers of contoured foam pad to ensure a perfect fit. Black Material: polypropylene....
Accesorios Hearsafe

IE MP3 adapters

IE MP3 adapters are made to measure and belong to the Hearsafe brand.
Accesorios Hearsafe

Interchangeable filter HS ER Hearsafe

Hearsafe brand HS ER interchangeable filters are perfect to combine with brand products. Can only be used in combination with an HS-ER earmold. Valid for different decibel levels 09dB 15dB 25dB 1 pair  
Accesorios Hearsafe

Filters HS ER-Dynamic ISL/DEC Hearsafe

The interchangeable filters HS ER Dynamic ISL/DEC of the Hearsafe brand are compatible with any model of that brand. 1 pair
Accesorios Hearsafe

Complete Filters HS ER Hearsafe

Hearsafe brand HS ER interchangeable filters are compatible with any model of that brand. 1 pair
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