Elacin ER 25

Elacin ER is a custom-made hearing protector with a high-fidelity filter for the frequency range 125 Hz to 8 kHz. This classic protector is designed especially for musicians and music lovers. The secret to the Elacin ER is the combination of a custom Elacin earmould and the high-fidelity acoustical filter. Flat attenuation gives clean sound that retains its natural timbres. The custom-made earmould also provides optimal comfort, so you never hesitate to protect yourself whenever surrounded by excessive noise. This is why Elacin ER is the perfect hearing protection for musicians and music enthusiasts.

Elacin ER is equipped with an acoustical ER filter with flat attenuation. This makes Elacin ER the ideal hearing protector for: Professional and amateur musicians, Music lovers and Visiting a pub or bar that plays loud music.

When subtle attenuation is needed, for example, in healthcare and educational facilities

Elacin ER is made of silicone and has a softness of 60 Shore. It is supplied transparent as standard. The Elacin ER range is available in two variants, each with unique characteristics, depending on the situation for which it is used. Elacin ER standard without grip and without cord. Elacin ER with cord.

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