ear impression

The individual measurement of a client's ear is an essential step to guarantee the highest quality, comfort and fit of any custom product.

It is a quick and painless process and must be carried out by a specialized and authorized center. At Audias&Hearsafe we ​​put you in contact with the nearest collaborating center. Once the impressions have been made correctly, the collaborating center will send us the measurements to proceed with the manufacture of your monitor, adapter or hearing protector. If you want more information about taking measures, you can contact us at audias@hearsafe.es. the measurements have to reproduce the entire pavilion and ear canal. For greater security, we recommend sending two measurements of each ear. The measurements must be sent in a protected package so that they are not deformed during shipment.

What is the mold?

The molds can be of resin, acrylic or silicone, its function is to seal the EAC

Taking impressions

By taking impressions of each ear we can have the following data:

  • Size

  • Length, direction and diameter of the EAC

  • Shape and contour of the ear shell and EAC

  • Presence of cerumen, inflammation or any other type of disease or foreign body

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