Hearing Protectors V FLEX Variphone

Hearing Protectors V FLEX Variphone

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Variphone V-FLEX hearing protectors are custom made models.

They offer maximum wearing comfort under a helmet or in the workplace and is a high-quality, durable hearing protector combined with high wearing comfort, Made from a soft silicone material, this custom-made hearing protector features a comfortable fit and design.

The V-Flex is equipped with a very effective filter, with a selection of multiple filter values ​​(21, 22 and 27 dB). Our professionals will be happy to help you make the right decision.

  • Class 1 channel design with selective attenuation filter ITC Standard Version Extra soft silicone material
  • Weight On average 4g
  • Identification Unique numbering + 3D file
  • Individual components 3 different attenuation values
  • Accessories Case, cleaning cloth, earwax removal tool, manual
  • Options Cable, clip and ball bearing (for metal detection)
  • Pneumatic Functional
  • Check Quality seal EN 352-2: 2002 (DIN EN 352-2: 2003)
  • Test report 091802
Bodies color
  • Rojo
  • Negro
  • Clear B100
  • Rosa transparente 01
  • Azul oscuro transparente 02
  • Azul cobalto opaco 22
Decibelios filtro


Variphone hearing protectors offer all the comfort and experience developed by the brand in the years of experience. Available in more colors

Azul translúcido
Silicona 40 Shore
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