IEM or Custom Hearing Monitors

Tailor-made IEMs promote perfect fit and comfort. Among all the advantages of the IEM, the most important is undoubtedly the protection and conservation of the musician's hearing!

In-ear monitors are micro speakers housed inside headphones with a crossover circuit to divide the signal into independent bands and thus obtain a cleaner mix. The term "in ear" indicates in the ear and the degree of isolation is important to allow a more adequate volume and not damage the sense of hearing.

Why an IEM?

1.-Sound quality: regardless of the type of scenario you enjoy clean sound perception at lower levels, with higher fidelity sound and less interference from ambient noise. The quality of the sound towards the public (front of house sound, FOH) due to the elimination of the interference of the sound emitted by the stage monitors is also greatly improved.

2.-Mobility: perfect control of one's own performance. With in-ear monitors you can expand the range of movements on stage and listen to the signal with total precision, unlike floor monitors that limit much more.

3.-Portability: The size and weight compared to wedges or floor monitors allow a smaller transport volume, savings in storage space and much shorter assembly time.

4.-Tailored: All ears are different in size and shape, there is as much variety as there are fingerprints.< /p>

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