More than 20 years

Christoph Schnitzler, CEO of Hearsafe and Audias, has been professionally dedicated to hearing care for more than 30 years. His knowledge is transmitted through conferences and training to other professionals in the sector. And for some years it has entered the world of hearing protection for professionals, both in music and those who are subjected to high noise levels.

The most important thing is to keep in mind that all In Ear devices, in addition to allowing full volume control, are also hearing protectors. Its innumerable advantages have a lot to do with keeping our ears in perfect condition over time, avoiding the dreaded tinnitus and early hearing loss, due to the high noise levels endured by our profession. Each individual, depending on their professional needs, will need a different In Ear. The best thing is to be sure of which one is yours and for that we are here. At Hearsafe you will have all the necessary advice taking into account your professional particularities. Write us and tell us what you need and what you need it for, we will make you the best possible proposal.

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